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Mokopane Matric Rewrite Center has been operating for many years with an excellent reputation. Educators are trained to teach and focus on the concepts which students need to improve their marks. The programs we offer guarantee exceptional improvement in their marks. With our focus being on the best interests of the students, we offer a wide variety of programs and subjects to choose from, at a descend price. Whether you left school early and didn’t complete matric, or you did your matric but did not pass a subject, we have the right program for you to get you on the way.

Registrations Now Open for 2022!

Registrations are now open for 2022. Make sure to apply while we still have space left.

Make sure to read more About Us and to take a look at the Subjects and Programmes we offer, and visit the Admission page for more information.

Read more about the programs we offer on the Admission page, or feel free to contact us for any inquiries using the Contact Us page.